The Production of our Parquet Flooring

A Tolin parquet flooring will allow you to experience a real solid wood floor from forests managed in a sustainable way. From the heart of Slavonia we select the best oak plants. Once in our sawmills, the logs are transformed into wood planks. This timber is left outdoors for a long time, to ensure a natural maturation of the wood. Afterwards, it is transferred inside the drying ovens, where it starts to release all the excess moisture. At the end of the drying phase, the timber is left to rest again, this phase is called stabilization, and is perhaps the most important process in which the wood regains its inner moisture. Subsequently, the timber will be transformed in proper parquet wood.

All these steps are carefully supervised by our technicians, to ensure that the product quality meets our high standards. If all these steps are performed in a workmanlike manner, you will have a perfectly stable parquet flooring, also suitable for laying on heated floors

Oil Finishes

Oil finishes are handmade in the laboratory with natural products of plant origin. Unlike paint, oil penetrates deep into the fibers of the wood giving it a natural look. The traditional oiling process consists of a first application of pigmented oil, which defines the coloring. After it dries, a process that takes a long time due to the absence of solvents, two coats of natural wax finish are applied in order to make the parquet wood completely waterproof. To produce certain colors, before the pigmented oil application sometimes the wood is burned superficially and treated with natural mordants (reagents) that react with the oil creating colors characterized by nuances and coatings that further embellish the boards.

Paint Finishes

Paint finishes are performed using products with the highest quality currently available on the market, in order to obtain the best results both for surface protection and beauty. We mainly use acrylic or water scratch resistant paints. To donate a finishing that is as natural as possible, great attention is paid to the whole painting process, which takes place partly by hand and partly mechanically.


The maintenance of our parquet floors is really simple, it does not require professional treatment, but an ordinary cleaning performed with a natural detergent, and once a year it is necessary to use a waxy product that revives its look.

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The Staining Test

All our parquet floors can be used in every room of the house, including the ones that are commonly considered complicated, namely the kitchen and the bathroom. In order to ensure their perfect water repellency, we perform regular staining tests. These tests are made by pouring on the boards liquids that may be used at home, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom, such as coffee, oil, vinegar, red wine, detergents, etc… These liquids are left on the wood for 24 hours, and then the boards are cleaned with a damp cloth with no trace of the products left. This to ensure that Tolin parquet floors can be used everywhere in the house without causing any problem.


Our parquet floors can be customized and enhanced with multiple surface finishings made by the expert hands of our craftsmen. These finishings give our parquet floors a unique and personal look, that will meet all our customers’ needs.

Here are our special finishings