Our passion for wood

Our company was created by Mario Tolin more than fifty years ago, in 1961; this young man, after years of practice, opened his first store and began his long career in the field of wood. Over the years he perfected many wood-laying techniques: nailed laying on slats, glued laying and his famous sand laying.

His experience in the field of supplying and wood flooring laying will make Mr Mario and his son, Gian Luca, more aware of the qualities that a good parquet floor must have. Good look and great performance.

A unique parquet flooring

In order to obtain a product of excellent quality, Tolin Parquet decided to thoroughly follow each stage of its parquet flooring production. At Tolin, each implementation phase is carefully controlled by highly specialized personnel, in order to obtain a high-quality product.

Each produced flooring is unique, since every processing stage is carried out entirely by hand. This allows Tolin to create for each customer a product that is completely custom-made and that meets all their requirements.


Showroom Meeting
You can view all our samples

Real Needs Analysis
During our first meeting in our showroom, you will have the opportunity to talk with our architects who will give you the best advice on all functional and aesthetic aspects of the project

Visit of Our Plants
You will visit our plants to personally view the laying methods

Visit at Our Customers’ Homes
You will be able to see houses that are already decorated with our floorings

You will have the chance to see our samples at home, with realistic lights

Inspection of the Building Site
A technician from Tolin will visit the building site to analyze the context and the various problems that might arise during the phases of installation, in order to solve them in advance

Terms of Contract
You will be offered a contract with a detailed explanations of all the costs, in order to have a clear overview of the financial situation

Construction Management
Tolin Parquet takes care of supervising all the implementation phases in order to make sure that everything is carried out perfectly

Professional Parquet Laying
Our parquet flooring will be laid by highly specialized staff

After-Sale Assistance
As a customer of Tolin Parquet, you will have assistance in the coming years for polishing, waxing and smoothing of the floor